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You are a Chief Revenue Officer. You have developed your revenue growth strategy. You know “WHAT” to do and have a plan. Your mission is to grow the topline and do it profitably. However, the majority of your time has been spent designing and planning the strategy and now you have to determine “HOW” to implement it and get results.

About Us

Revenue Partner (RP) is a sister company of The Alexander Group (AGI), the preeminent provider of Revenue Growth Strategy consulting. Our work begins where a strategy consultant’s work leaves off. As seasoned sales management consultants, we bring your strategy to reality. We are the only firm of our kind and we guarantee sales results.

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The Problem

It has been widely reported that between 60 and 70 percent of strategies fail annually. The number one reason executives lose their job is failure to execute their strategy. No matter how great your strategy, if you can’t implement your plan, you are no better off than a sales force without one.

Our Solution

No two growth strategies are alike, and therefore no two strategy implementation solutions should be alike. This is why we tailor each solution to your unique business challenge. We begin by engaging your sales leaders who must embrace your vision and revenue growth strategy. Then we provide them the tools, processes and skills needed to prepare your sales team to engage customers.

How we do it

To successfully implement your strategy, we utilize both quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis to design your plan. We focus on the three most critical elements of a well-executed sales strategy.

Know Your Talent

Sales strategies fail for many reasons. Most often, sales leaders do not take into account their organization's ability or readiness to implement the devised plan. Just because you identified your target segments, rewrote job descriptions, defined a new value proposition, changed your rewards systems and deployed a new coverage model doesn’t mean you have the right people on the bus and in the right seats to execute. We begin by taking inventory of and assessing your existing talent pool, including your sales managers. We then put in place time-tested systems and processes to ensure you are hiring, growing, assigning and promoting the right talent.

This will increase the team’s ability to sell the way you need them to sell today, increase the number of effective sales months you field, minimize undesirable turnover, top grade your team and reduce your time and costs to hire. Most of all it will grow your topline.

Provide Superior Supervision

Executing your sales strategy is a discipline and your frontline sales leaders are the linchpins. Our strong point of view is that you cannot overinvest in the development of your frontline sales leaders. They are the true “boots on the ground” and have the day-to-day field reality to bring your strategy to market. Because they are the primary messenger of your strategy and its benefits, they are the ones to set expectations and inspect what’s expected. How you grow your sales leadership team, develop them and resource them to recruit, coach and train your sales force will pay topline revenue dividends in both the near- and long-term future.

Build New Skills & Knowledge

Are the skills and knowledge you hired yesterday the ones that will work for you today? Doubtful. However, many sales organizations play the same training tapes over and over. The expectations of today’s customers require a retooling and upgrading of your reps knowledge, skills and behaviors. They must translate your strategy, know and believe your value proposition, and communicate the message persuasively. So your training efforts need to be line driven, drip fed and reinforced through ongoing routine coaching by sales leadership.

Why revenue partner


Our Client Executives have carried the bag and consistently exceeded their quota. They have managed on the frontline recruiting, coaching and training sales teams.

Most importantly, they have walked in your shoes. Formulating and implementing their own revenue growth strategies, including the sales, marketing and customer service initiatives that drive them. Engaging us is like buying insurance. We increase the probability of your strategy being realized and reduce the risk of falling flat and failing in the field.


We have built relationships with an army of solution provider partners that develop sales productivity tools and processes. You have the convenience of working with a single point of contact and benefit of tapping the best in class sales productivity solutions.


The Alexander Group’s 30+ year track record conducting 1000s of engagements in nearly every industry segment provides us a wealth of knowledge, skills, tools and processes we employ on your project. We are metric driven and therefore confident in our abilities to deliver what we promise. So much so, that we stand behind our work 100% and guarantee you the results we contract to achieve.


Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. Experience tells us there are many sales effectiveness and efficiency solutions to choose from. The biggest mistake you can make is deciding to implement an efficiency initiative when you have an effectiveness problem or vice versa.

We start all of our engagements with an assessment of your current sales environment. We do not start with the assumption that sales training is always the answer to your business challenges, we believe that it is only one of many options available to a sales executive. This assessment includes:

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